Monday, 22 April 2013

A new beginning for craft


2013 see’s me making a lot of bold decisions in taking my craft forward, seeing my confidence grow with my artwork and, enjoying the time with my family now that i am a grandmother of a beautiful baby boy,  Joseph Morgan.

I have done a complete 180 degree, and now my Holly is growing up and becoming a beautiful little girl, she has inspired me to do all the things I ever dreamed of doing. I have recently signed up as a demo for Stampin’ up, if you haven't heard of them they are an international craft company bringing to you the finest craft items ever and I am a massive fan and have been for a number of years, I have took the plunge and will be motivating other people to try out this fantastic hobby with me and my Stampin’ up colleagues.

So as a rule, I will be posting at least one craft, and one Fine art post a day, or every other day, i don't want to burn out now do I, and I hope you can enjoy this fantastic journey with me.

2013-01-31 13.23.09

This is a ceramic jug,that has gone in for glazing it is a coiled jug, and its purpose is to be filled with celebratory scrumpy cider, believe you me it is bigger that the picture does it justice, I have given it a very authentic dark brown glaze to finish and it has pear cross sections engraved down the back and the handle, its shape has been designed so that it can be poured without having to lift(bonus if you have had too many) as it is quite heavy.

So here’s to all you devoted crafters out there, and to all you budding artists, I salute you.

thanks for stopping by Cheers x


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